Playbill of events

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Performance start 11:00
Ticket price 80-110 hrn

The language of the play - Ukrainian. You can order an online translation into English and other languages +38 (057) 712-02-65

Additional Information - Age from 7 to 14 years. In the hall 20 ° C. We work in compliance with quarantine requirements: staff in masks and gloves, check the temperature. Mandatory disinfection of surfaces after visiting customers.

Duration - 1 hour, 30 minutes with intermission

Genre - Fabulous adventures in the style of steam punk

Playwright and director -

Lyrics - Igor Faktorovsky

Artist - Arkady Chadov

Photo - Irina Derkach


PRINCESS ORNIA is a fairy princess
QUEEN BRY is the queen of fairies, the mother of Ornia
KING GLUM - the king of gnomes
OLAF is King Glum's minister
PETSY is a young dwarf, a loser and a bard
MADAME DE FRAUDSTER is an international criminal
SIMUS O'CLIFF is Madame de Mahlar's partner
McGRUCH is the ruler of the country of leprechauns
IRUZAN - the cat king
BREADY is an offensive malicious pixie
BRADDY is a very happy malicious pixie
BERB is a brutal harmful pixie
BIDDY O'ROURKE is a troll-brewer
CROCHOBAR is a goblin swindler